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So, anyway, like Clint mentions, we are currently working on staining the wood upstairs. It’s part of the 3-year-addition-from-hell project. The contractor built a new bookshelf and a new closet (but left the doors from the old closet) and added some wood around the spiral stairs, but they refused to stain it because it wasn’t in the contract (that’s a whole other book that I won’t get into). Plus, they broke the trim on the ceiling, and replaced 6 inches of it with unstained wood.

Anyway, we have to do the staining ourselves. Everyone we talked to said that’d be the least expensive way, and we were having a hard time finding anyone willing to do it. So we trekked to Home Depot, looked at their stains, chose a color, found out they didn’t have the color we wanted in stock, chose another color, found out we were looking at the wrong kind of stain anyway, had to choose another color for a “gel stain”…

We walked away with a color we knew wasn’t exact but there wasn’t much choice in the matter. We did a test board, and it just seems way too light. Last night, we stained the inside of the bookcase cabinet (so if it was messed up, at least nobody would see it that often). The color is definitely not a match. It’s pretty close, but it’s lighter, and I can’t decide what is different. It seems more pink than the existing. We’re thinking maybe another coat will help but we don’t know. The second coat on the test board didn’t make a lick of difference. We didn’t buy enough stain anyway, so we’ll probably reevaluate our color decision.

Anyway, Clint & I agree that we should get the staining done and moved in upstairs before we get another kitten. Hopefully it won’t be more than 6 weeks, but at the rate we’ve been going…..