These past couple of days have been very emotional for me. I feel like Misfit’s death has hit me harder than Samhain’s death in a way. I think it’s because his life was so short compared to Samhain. Samhain was getting up there in age, and I had 9 1/2 years to prepare myself for, “Someday, Samhain’s going to die.” But Misfit was so sudden.

When Misfit didn’t come home when we got back from the Type O Negative/Celtic Frost concert on Sunday night, I wondered in the back of my mind. But didn’t worry too much, because he was “probably out somewhere having fun.” Monday morning, however, I started to suspect. Throughout the day Monday, I kept calling for him. “But the contractors are here making all that noise outside with their saw, so maybe he’s keeping his distance.” Then I would think, “Well, wait 24 hours and then start to worry.” Then “Maybe he will come home with a broken foot like Samhain did multiple times.” When the neighbor came to the door, I knew.

Anyway, certain things around the house will set me off. Turning off the water fountain on Monday. Emptying the litter and food dishes on Tuesday. Thinking about the half-eaten canned cat food in the refrigerator (Clint suggested trying to catch the fox that has been lurking in our backyard, and that canned cat food would make good bait.) Passing by the “wall of couch” that Misfit would hang out on all the time. Passing by the bedroom and seeing the “perma-Misfit-indentation” in the curtains that we have hanging over the window in the bedroom.

One thing that really stands out is Clint sent an email to Glen last Friday. It was an email filled with quotes, and I was laughing about one in particular all weekend. I am no longer laughing when I think about it, but it does cheer me up a bit. Here’s the quote:

“I’m cold! What the hell? It’s like a breeze just started! Oh… Wait… Misfit’s gone.” –Carolyn, 11/15/2006, apparantly suffering the effects of a cat-less lap

When Clint sent the email, I totally remembered that. I was sitting on my chair, and Misfit was on my lap. Suddenly it was freezing, and it was because Misfit had decided to leave my lap after being there for a long time.

Anyway, I’d like to thank everyone for their heartfelt thoughts and sympathy. I am starting to feel better, but I will always miss Misfit, just like I always miss Samhain.

And if I get another cat, don’t let me name it Danzig. šŸ™‚