I have terrible news. Misfit was hit by a car. I knew something was up because he didn’t come home. The neighbor who told me about it said she thinks it happened this morning, but I’m not so sure. When we got home late last night, he didn’t come in, and he usually does. Anyway, I’m pretty depressed about it.

Clint & I buried him in the yard next to Samhain. We had to borrow the neighbor’s shovels because ours have disappeared. The neighbor mentioned that it may have happened last night because her daughter saw Misfit this morning. So that would make more sense with my thoughts.

I feel terrible about this. We thought he was pretty good around the road. We have never seen him in the street, but Clint mentioned he’s seen Misfit getting closer to the edge of the driveway a couple of times. I only saw him come to the middle of the driveway when I would come home and walk to the mailbox. Misfit would follow me to the middle and then roll around while I got the mail. He never came to the edge or anything.

But he was down the street slightly past the other neighbor’s house, and he was in the middle island of Braddock Rd. So he had no business being there. I don’t know if he was chasing a mouse or something and just didn’t think or what. There were three corpses in our yard. A fresh mole (or large vole), a dead-for-a-while vole, and a bird. Misfit was busy killing stuff during his last days; that’s for sure.

So, while his life was short, I think he had a pretty good one. He got to go camping multiple times, and he got to have a lot of love from Clint & me and all of our friends. I wish his life wasn’t cut short.

It’s somewhat ironic that this happened right after Clint talked about letting cats have the freedom to go outside. This does not change my view of that. I still believe cats should have the freedom to roam around outside and be free.

But if a cat isn’t smart about the road, one should recognize that and do something about it. That was why we returned Brownie back to my parents’ house. She’s still alive today, whereas if she continued to stay with us, it would have been very likely that she would have been hit, because I caught her walking down the middle of Braddock Road.

I guess we didn’t recognize that Misfit wasn’t smart about the roads. But he had never gone out in one to our knowledge.