I went to have my two-year follow-up exam with the optometrist. In order to have the lifetime warranty, I have to have yearly exams. Anyway, she starts out asking, “So how’s your vision?” and I say, “It’s fine. Of course, I think my right eye is slightly worse.”

Anyway, she checked my vision, and said “Hmm, that’s interesting. Your right eye is testing at 20/20, but your LEFT eye is testing 20/25, and there’s an astigmatism in it that wasn’t there before.” Weird. So then she pulls out all her normal instruments and is looking into my eyes. Come to find out, she can still see the flap on the left eye, which she can’t see on the right eye. And at that flap site, there is some extra tissue there. It doesn’t seem irritated, and I couldn’t feel it, but she’s thinking that’s what is distorting my vision. So now I have to go back in 4 months to see if it’s getting any worse.

That reminded me that recently at one of my prior doctor appointments, someone had done a quick eye exam and mentioned my left eye was worse. I didn’t pay too much attention because I just figured I was having a bad day or something. But now I guess they were not crazy, and my left eye’s vision is starting to slip. But even last weekend I was marveling at how sharp my vision appears to be. I was looking up at the leaves on the way to the campsite, and was amazed how I can see each individual leaf. So, who the hell knows.

No more 20/15, I guess ):