I had my last follow-up appointment with Dr. Andrew Lane at Johns Hopkins otolaryngology dept today. He said there is no more swelling, and my sinus looks like a normal sinus now.

He was taking some pictures of the inside of my nose. He cracked me up because he was like “I need to get that mucous out. I can’t get a good picture with all that back there”. I asked if he had “before pictures” and he said he had pictures from the surgery. I asked if I could see them, and he was like “I’d have to go get them. It’s not like I carry them in my wallet.” So I didn’t get to see them, and I probably never will. At least I got to see it myself on the screen, even if I don’t have a tangible picture to remember it by.

I am to continue with the flonase through May, and I only need to do the washes as needed.

So, I am done with the Otolaryngology Department at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. I won’t have to go back unless something happens, or if I decide to go through with the eye surgery.

I think there was an Orioles game today. There were banners on the streetlights on the way in, and then LOTS OF TRAFFIC on the way out. That traffic sucked.