I needed a new ergonomic keyboard. We currently have a shortage of ergonomic keyboards, though we have plenty of the crappy non-ergonomic keyboards. So, I found my company has a cheap one in their catalog, and figured, what the hell?

Well, the first thing I noticed was the insert and delete key were combined into one big key. I wasn’t sure how that was going to work, but I figured it couldn’t be that bad. So I plugged my new keyboard in and started typing. Needless to say, the thing was a piece of crap. Half the keys I pressed didn’t show up. And that insert-delete key combo? Only does insert. I’d rather have delete than insert. The arrows didn’t always work. The “i” key was especially troublesome.

So, it was an Innovera 63200 and I do not recommend it. I returned it to Miller’s the next day and did not get a replacement.

So that meant I was still short a keyboard. The one I’m using is held together by duct tape, and I have to push the keys really hard. It is very troublesome. (Not very ergonomic if you ask me) And everytime I pick it up, the clutter on my desk comes with it because the duct tape is coming off on the top of the keyboard. Very annoying at dinnertime when I’m trying to balance a plate of food and clear my keyboard away from my eating area.

I was on Ebay to look for a poster for Clint. After I found that, I decided to check out the ergonomic keyboards. I ordered a Logitech ergonomic keyboard and am currently awaiting the shipment.

On another note, I got a little crazy at Ebay and searched for PDA accessories. Before I knew it, I was bidding on a foldable keyboard for my Axim. Talk about impulse buy. It came today and has a neat-o folding mechanism. You basically pull it apart, and the middle part comes up. Then you push it together and the middle part goes down. Pretty cool. I imagine I will be using it a lot to type up my dreams. Clint’s running joke is I now have the “smallest laptop ever.”

Oddly enough, this keyboard arrived before my ergonomic keyboard, when I ordered it after that one. Hopefully my real keyboard will arrive tomorrow. I guess that’s the difference between shipping from Indiana and California (both were sent with US Mail).