The opthalmologist appointment on Thursday went pretty well. He basically confirmed that my eyeball has sunken. He pulled up the images from the CT scan that I had at Johns Hopkins on 1/8/07 (the one to look at the fatty tissue behind my sinus to determine if I needed a biopsy). He had a medical student there also. I think she was learning. So he pulled up the images and said to the medical student, “Now this is a prime example of Silent Sinus Syndrome. See how everything is sucked in there? That picture from this morning didn’t show that at all”. And she replied, “yeah, that one from this morning was almost normal!”. So then he explained to me that just that morning, they had been to a presentation for Silent Sinus Syndrome, and the pictures the presenter used didn’t really show the Silent Sinus Syndrome. I said they should use my pictures then.

So, long story short, if I want to fix my eye, the surgery would involve going in through my lower eyelid, going behind the eye, and putting in a plastic/titanium plate where the bone should be. He said it’s a very safe procedure, and they do lots of them (not usually for Silent Sinus Syndrome, but they do the same procedure if someone had the bone fractured by getting hit in the face or something.) There are risks though. Some of them he mentioned were double vision, or blindness. I can’t remember the others. I’d have to wait at least 6 more weeks for my sinus to completely heal and to get over this antibiotic thing, because he’d be putting me on more antibiotics.

Soooooo, anyway, I’m very torn as to whether I want to go through with the surgery to fix my eye. I need to weigh the pros and cons and make a decision….