I had a great time skiing yesterday at Roundtop with Shannon & Kipp. Christian had to bail because he had hurt himself the week before and didn’t want to risk aggravating it.

We arrived around 11am and skiied until maybe 5 or 5:30. I can’t remember exactly. We got a lot of runs in. There weren’t that many to choose from. We did one of the double blacks, but the other one looked a little too scary so we didn’t attempt that one. It was very steep and very mogelly. We watched this little kid about 4 years old do it though. That was amazing. Shannon called that slope “Mogel Mountain.” I think that was the only run we didn’t attempt.

The conditions weren’t too bad, but it was a little slushy and hard to turn at some points. I fell 4 times throughout the day.

All in all, it was totally worth it. I’m slightly sore today, but nothing really major. By the end though, I was realizing I had pushed myself too hard with my recovery. I was very careful not to push myself too hard, and I was the last one down after every run because I was taking it easy and going pretty slow. But we skied so much that it added up. 🙂 But I survived!! That’s what counts.

After hitting the slopes, Angel, Ian, Shannon, Kipp and Ian’s cousin, Ken went out to dinner at some italian restaurant/bar. Kipp got this huge stromboli thing. The waitress warned him they were large, and he got the large size anyway. The waitress said she’d buy Kipp a beer if he finished it. When it came out, it was like a foot long. And shaped like a football. I think it was for a family or something. Anyway, needless to say, Kipp did not finish it. I had a ham & cheese turnover which was pretty good.