It was dated 20050214. Hey, that’s Valentine’s day.

Anyway, I came across my journal of this dream, and because I read it, it brought back the memory of that dream. Clint said I should blog it. It’s way too random for anyone to make any sense of. And I think I typed it up right after waking up, and I was in a rush to get it out before I forgot it, so the grammar and the punctuation are horrible. But, anyway, here it is:

i only remember the last one… and that one is fading fast. i don’t think i can put it into words anymore….

my parents house burned down, but it was like a trailer in the woods around where your [I guess I meant Clint] parent’s live… and me, vicky, and jay (who wasn’t jay, but was dewey from malcolm in the middle) were staying in this neighbor’s trailer.. i think mom and dad were gone (dead? – i dunno) and they were trying to kick us out… and i was like “Well, someone has to go to our parents trailer and see if it’s livable”… so i decided nobody else was going to take the initiative and go, so i will… so i was stepping into my bunny slippers when i noticed some money on the ground. so then i picked it up and gave it to vicky and told her to be more careful.. then i found a $225 bill on the ground (they don’t exist in real life 🙂 ), and i gave that to her, and was like “Really, Vicky, this is a lot of money that you’re just going to lose!!!”.. and vicky was like “You’re right… i’ll be more careful”…

anyway, after i gave the money back to vicky, i went to our parent’s trailer… and it was grandma’s house… i was in her kitchen, and i was looking in the cabinets as i walked by, and i saw like pots, and pans, and a chocolate cake… and then i was at the bathroom… and i looked in there, and i saw movement.. at a closer look, there was like this corpse-witch-thing moving it’s arm eating something… i high-tailed it out of there so fast.. and i was running down mckenzie drive, and i cut through that hill (those townhouses weren’t there) to get to ellicott street.. when i was running down ellicott street, i was kinda skidding on my socks.. kinda almost skating/skiing… whatever..

anyway, i get all the way downtown, and i was thinking “Well, those people we’re staying with are kicking us out, but we definately can’t go back with that corpse…” so i was going to go to Joannie Jenning’s house on Mill Street in Occoquan. As I approached her house, there was a person there who i didn’t know. so i started talkign to him, and i was like “Hi!… umm, what’s your name?” and the guy was looking at me like i was crazy, and i was thinking to myself that i must seem strange because i didn’t know him and rather than introduce myself, i was trying to find out who he was… so then i happened to notice a security guard to the right of me, and so i said to the guy “this is who i should be talkign to”.. and then i looked at the security guy and asked if i can sleep next to him.. he was like “Sure…”

that’s when it REALLY got weird… there were all these girls hanging around… there was a bench… we were behind a gate and we could see mill street, and at one point, there was an alligator (but the security guard at first said it was an alligator, but then said “oh wait, that’s not an alligator, that’s an <insert weird name that doesn’t exist here>”… so then he kinda pushed this button that flushed the sewer of the building out underneath the bench we were sitting on … so he did that to mess with the alligator… i think he was messing around with it.. anyway, other weird stuff happened…. i can’t remember anymore… and waht i can remember is so vague that i can’t put it into words..