Last week’s 1-week follow-up went by without a hitch. He looked up my nose, said everything was looking pretty good, gave me instructions to rinse out my sinuses and sent me on my way.

Today was my 2-week follow-up. He looked up my nose and commented that it is a bit swollen. He said that’s sort of normal in that there’d usually be swelling, but most people would have it the first week, not the second week.

We also discussed how I had stopped taking the antibiotics because my body was reacting in a bad way to them. I had called the pharmacy on Saturday (because the doctor was closed) to find out what I should do. The pharmacist suggested an over-the-counter “health supplement” to ease the symptoms. So when I called the hospital on Monday, the nurse told me to go ahead and stop taking the antibiotics, since I was almost done with them anyway. I’m feeling much better now.

So, anyway, since I have this swelling, the doctor decided to prescribe a steroid nasal spray, Flonase. I have to go back next week to be sure my recovery is going in the right direction. He was thinking I wouldn’t have to come in next week, but this swelling threw him for a loop.