Well, Clint’s blogged about my surgery here: http://clintjcl.wordpress.com/2007/02/12/medical-carolyns-surgery-was-a-success/

All in all, I’m very surprised at how little pain I feel. On Monday after the surgery, my throat hurt really bad from the breathing tube they put down my throat while I was under the general anesthesia. My nose area felt fine. Like Clint mentioned, I didn’t need the pain medicine at 7:45pm. I did lay awake for a good while of the night after Clint had slept. I went to the bathroom and found myself wondering, “Did they even do anything to my sinus?”. I emailed Vicky at around 2:30 am and mentioned that I was reminded of her blog comment on Dave N’s blog that she thinks something isn’t right when the recovery isn’t what you expect. (coincidentally, around that same time, a bunch of Dave’s blogfeeds showed up in my RSS folder because he just migrated to his new blogsite, and that one was included (minus Vicky’s comment). I was like “Whoa, that’s weird”)

Anyway, I was fine yesterday morning. And what with the weather being bad, and the doctor telling Clint my 1-day follow up appointment is optional, and me not having any pain, we decided to go ahead and not risk the 2-hour drive in the inclement weather for the appointment. The nurse said that was fine.

Around 1:30pm or so yesterday, I started feeling some pressure in my sinus areas. Both sides. So eventually I started dwelling on that. It’s not really pain, but it’s discomfort. I was like “Should I take the pain medicine for this?” I was as close as having a pain pill in my hand when I decided not to take it, because it’s not really pain I feel. I decided if it got worse, I’ll take some tylenol to see if that would help without being overkill.

This morning, when I woke up, there wasn’t any pressure. However, it seems as time goes on, the pressure builds up, because I’m starting to feel it again. My next appointment will be on the 20th for my one-week follow up. In the meantime, I’m continuing to take it somewhat easy.

Clint & I don’t have any real plans for Valentine’s Day, but he surprised me with a box of chocolates that he picked up from CVS yesterday after going to his dentist appointment and picking up saline solution for me (why o why is he so sweet? I feel bad for not getting him anything). We considered venturing out to a restaurant but we decided it’d be better not to brave the weather, especially because I’m technically still supposed to be taking it easy.