I had a very bad scare today with an asshole driver. Basically, there was a T intersection for this little tiny strip of road to get out to the main road to get to 95. I had to turn left onto this strip, and then right onto the main road. There were a couple of cars waiting on that strip, and I followed the car in front of me when suddenly I realize he stopped and I had nowhere to go. So I was sort of blocking the oncoming road. I realized I was blocking, and the reason it was an issue was because there was more traffic on that main road. Our office has just moved to this location, so I’m still not used to what to expect from the traffic. It hasn’t been like that before.

Anyway, there was a tractor-trailer truck waiting to turn right at the front of the line, and so he was contributing to this unexpected bottleneck. So I was just praying for the light to turn yellow so I can get out of the way. Then, I saw a burgundy pickup truck coming right towards me from the oncoming lane on the access road, but I was stuck and there wasn’t much I could do. This dark red truck like stopped SOOO close to me. For a split second, I didn’t even think he was going to stop.

So the car in front of me inched up a little bit, and I followed and that left enough room for this truck to go around me. However, instead of going around me and on his merry way down the street, he suddenly looped around and wedged his car in between me and the other cars. So then I was like “What? He’s turning right?!? That’s worse!”. FINALLY, the light turns green, and all the cars in front of me disappeared.

So this burgundy truck inches forward and then STOPS. Right in front of me. The driver was just STARING at me. Cars behind me can’t go anywhere. I can’t go anywhere. So then the cars behind me start looping around me and pulling in what little space is left so I REALLY can’t go anywhere. This guy in a bluish car actually stopped, and rolled down his window and was yelling at the driver to let me pass! The driver ignored him, and just stared at me. It was horrible.

So eventually, the cars behind me realize something was up, and they stop looping around, so I had some space. When I started to loop around the truck, however, HE PULLED FORWARD AGAIN. So that’s when I was like “Oh, shit, I can’t do anything, he won’t let me pass.” I decided to get the fuck away from there. So I check my right side, and then turned my car to the right and sped away down the access road. I was scared to death this guy was going to follow me, and I had my phone out and ready to call the police (I had gotten it out right when he was just staring at me with that other guy yelling at him).

I didn’t get his license plate number, because he never gave me a chance to see it (being so close to me on my side, and then angled when he looped in front of me). And I didn’t want to stick around to find it out. Once I realized he wasn’t following me, and he seemed to be gone from the scene, I turned back around and turned right on the little street to get to the main road (I had to go back, because that access road doesn’t go anywhere that I am aware of…).

I was so scared I was crying and hyperventilating. I realized that this had added some extra minutes and I thought Clint might beat me home, so I left a frantic message on the answering machine.

Anyway, if I had gotten a good look at the license plate, I definately would have called the police. And if he had followed me or anything like that, I definately would have called the police, even without the license number.

I still feel shaken up. Yes, I was wrong to block the road, but once I worked it out to get out of the way, you don’t need to continue to be an asshole. And you DEFINATELY don’t need to be a SCARY asshole either. I just wonder if anyone else around got his license number and maybe called it in. Maybe the guy who was yelling at him? He definately caused MANY cars to miss that short green light. I’d be pissed if some random altercation made me miss the light like that.

Anyway, I learned my lesson about that stretch of intersection. I’m not going to jump the gun thinking my car would have a space to go. I am going to let the car in front of me go first and see where he ends up. That was the first time there was a hold-up like that, but it may not be the last…..