So for the past couple of months, Clint & I and even Misfit have been hearing some noises in the attic. Every so often, we’d release Misfit up there, thinking it’s a mouse or rat, but he was never successful. Well, today, Clint enclosed Misfit up there, and he reported that Misfit just started growling and acting all scared. Eventually we let him come down (and Misfit was just cowering inside the stairs and the second they were open, he was trying to get down.)

So I go up there with a laser pointer to try and coax Misfit into the other area of the attic. Suddenly I notice the red light from the laser pointer was illuminating a large rodent. Of course I let out a semi-loud scream. Clint said, “You’re scaring Misfit”. I was like “No wonder Misfit didn’t want to have anything to do with catching it.” So the next 15-30 minutes was spent preparing ourselves to evict our squatter. We were unsuccessful in locating our hard hats, so Clint had to make do with my ski helmet. We had a broom. We had to move several of our boxes. We discovered it’s a raccoon and it had decided to tear up one of the boxes to help with it’s nest.

Unfortunately, the raccoon escaped our grasp and so he’s still living rent free. I even cleaned his shithole for him. Aren’t I a nice landlord?