We saw Voltaire on the 21st. It was the start of our long weekend because Clint & I were both off on the 22nd. Kipp came with us, and that worked out well. I drove there, and did the best parallel parking job ever. It was such a tiny space, but I was able to have enough room and space to just do it right. I need more practice times like that.. There’s always cars coming and psyching me out and that is why i’m very intimidated about parallel parking. I was a little crooked, but it didn’t matter because I was in the space.

We went to the club, which was Club Five on 18th Street. We ended up going up the stairs in the back and they totally smelled like vomit. Ugh. When we got to the top floor, after going to the bathroom, we got our first drinks. We walked to the end of the balcony, and we can see the dance floor below us. The A/C was blasting in that area, so it was pretty cold up there.

Watching the dance floor, we were checking out the people. I was trying to look at what the men were wearing so I can give some fashion tips to clint. But I just wasn’t inspired to know what was cool. I can see some cool people, but it was their individuality that made them cool, and not what they were wearing. So I told Clint that he has his individuality and he should just continue with that.

Clint pointed out that there were only two blondes there. I was one of them. The other was this sorta heavier chick dressed all in white.

They had this awesome disco ball structure that I kept telling Clint I wanted. They had 5 disco balls, with this huge one in the middle, and it was on this rotating fan-like structure that had christmas garland and tinsel all over the “arms”. They also had mobile stars hanging off of the end. I told Clint it reminded me of the solar system, with the big disco ball being the sun, and some of the small disco balls were even rotating as they revolved. Clint was trying to ask me what the stars were, and I kept saying “The star mobiles are the stars”. I think we were having a hardtime understanding each other, because he wasn’t satisfied with my answer. I had my earplugs in, so it was easy to understand these guys, but they would shove their ears right next to my mouth so i knew they were having a very hard time hearing me.

Eventually, we had to decide if we wanted to stay up at the balcony and look down on him, or if we wanted to be down in the main area. I wanted to be down in the main area, but Clint was fine staying in the balcony. Eventually, I somehow convinced him. We went down and I just muscled my way right up front. There was a sorta hot-chick who had claimed the space right up front long before Voltaire was even scheduled to come on. I was watching her from the balcony. She was standing right next to the stage (which was two wood boxes put together in front of the christmas tree) and she had her deady doll on the stage while she was dancing. So i muscled in right next to her. Later I thought “Hmm, I got the better spot than her. I wonder if I muscled too much?” Oh well. I was right in the middle of that box right under the microphone. Voltaire kinda looked over me though. I don’t know if he noticed me at all. He interacted with the audience a lot, which was cool though.

Apparently, Voltaire is single now. That’s a little sad.

Right after the show, I snuck the setlist. During the show, Clint was like “You should get that setlist when it’s done”. I said “I know”, and thought jokingly “Duh.” Anyway, right after he got off, I took the setlist, and passed it to Clint to store in his pocket. However, it would appear that the setlist didn’t make it from Clint’s pocket to our house, because it’s gone. 😦 My theory is Clint missed his inside pocket, and it ended up between his lining and the inside, and at some point during the after-show drunkenness, it got lost. It could have been when he put his coat in the corner of the bar, and got yelled at by the bartender “Because there is a candle over there” (there was no candle over there.) Anyway, it also could have gotten lost in the bathroom or something. Clint & Kipp got really drunk after the show, because Kipp kept getting them more drinks. We went home and played Culdcept and all had trouble staying awake through it. So I wasn’t surprised when I realized the setlist was missing. A little disappointed, but I’m not going to let it get to me.

During the show, it hit me that months ago, I was trying to get a Voltaire shirt, but they weren’t out yet or something, and then I forgot about it. So then I was like “Oooh, that’d be a good present for Clint to get me for Christmas”. I entertained the idea of telling Voltaire to tell Clint that’s what he should get me, but I realized that was a stupid idea. After the show, I asked Voltaire as he was trying to set up his merchandise table if he has any shirts, but he didn’t. So then I told Kipp to tell Clint to get me that for Christmas. But I said, “Voltaire doesn’t have any here today”. Later on, I reminded Kipp to ask Clint, and a few seconds later, I turned around and saw Clint kinda stepped off to the side digging around in his wallet. I quickly told Kipp to tell Clint that there weren’t any shirts there. Maybe I was reading into things, but I thought it was hilarious. Eventually, I got Clint to got me a Deady doll and it’s awesome.

During the show, Voltaire told us that Feathery Wings is about this girl he was stalking on myspace that worked at the cafe he goes to alot. I guess that was also sad.

Also during the show, some random girl gave Voltaire a christmas present. It had some neat wrapping paper. It was all black, with a skeleton on the side. Very goth. Anyway, the present turned out to be a Nightmare Before Christmas coffin thing. Voltaire joked that it’s a place to keep his penis or something.

I don’t have the setlist so I don’t know exactly what songs were played, but some of the ones I can think of are When You’re Evil, Feathery Wings, Ex-Lover’s Lover, Hell In A Handbasket (off the new album, which we bought there and had autographed.)