So, I went to Johns Hopkins hospital today for a final answer on whether I have silent sinus syndrome, and whether it requires surgery. I needed a final answer from the experts because the three opinions I got were all different. One doctor said I needed surgery to open up my sinus and reconstruct the floor of my eyeball. Another doctor said I definately need sinus surgery to see what is inside my right sinus, but I only need a little plastic surgery for my eye to raise up the lower eyelid. The last doctor had never heard of silent sinus syndrome, and said I didn’t need anything. Whatevah. Soooo…. I went to Johns Hopkins for a final answer once-and-for-all.

My appointment wasn’t completely what I expected. I was somehow under the impression that there was going to be a team of doctors of different types (an otolaryngologist, along with an opthalmologist), but it was only the otolaryngologist. But that was fine. They couldn’t find my cd that I had mailed, but lucky for them, I had a copy with me.

After looking at the cd, he said that it looked like there is some fatty tissue behind the sinus. He didn’t know if that fatty tissue was there because my sinus was smaller and pushed forward, and the fat was filling up the void, or if the fat was causing my sinus to be smaller and pushed forward. So, I need to go back for another CT Scan to look more directly at that fatty tissue. Then when I go for surgery, they may also grab some of that tissue and send it for a biopsy.

So, coming up, I’m going to have an appointment for a CT Scan, then surgery, then a series of follow up appointments. In regards to the asymmetrical eye, he didn’t think it will fix itself with the sinus surgery, so if I wanted to fix the wideness and the sunkenness, I’d have to have separate surgery for that, with a separate type of doctor. He also said I could also wait awhile after the surgery before fixing my eye. So I can decide if I want to get everything done at once, or get the major thing done, and see if my eye needs fixing later.

He also gave me a series of prescriptions for some drugs. I’m supposed to take an antibiotic and a steroid for 5 days before the surgery, and he also gave me a pain medication.

Oh yeah, talk about embarrassing! He took this instrument, and said he was going to look up my nose and it was going to be on the screen, and I can look if I want. So I’m watching him go up my left nostril, and he told me about some of the stuff in there. He said I have a little bit of a deviated septum. Then he went into my right nostril. He goes a little way up, and there were all these boogers! He said “There’s some crustulation” I was like “So-rry”, embarrassed. He said “Don’t be, that’s a normal nose”. Then he took this vacuum cleaner thing and sucked out the boogers!! Oh, it was so embarrassing!!!! And a little gross. Ok, a lot gross…..

Anyway, that’s all for now.