Basically, the Doctor I went to today said I do need sinus surgery, sooner rather than later. He said we need to find out what is inside that sinus. He said a minimal chance it could be cancer. But because it’s only on one side, that’s not normal so they need to do surgery and a biopsy.

He mentioned the first doctor I went to is very aggressive with surgery. He said I shouldn’t have the floor of my eyeball reconstructed with cartilage from my nose. He said all I need is some plastic surgery to raise up the lower eyelid. However, there isn’t anything he could do with the upper eyelid. So, to me, that isn’t really going to fix the problem all that much. He also gave me that spiel of “nobody’s face is perfectly symmetrical”. I showed him the pictures so he agrees there has been a change. He said as long as I don’t have double vision or any other issues like that, then I shouldn’t worry about the eye part as much. His main concern is getting the sinus surgery done to find out what is inside there. He also gave me the name of an ocular plastic surgeon if I want to get a second opinion about the eye surgery part (raising the lower lid). I’m also thinking I’m going to keep the appointment with the other doctor that Dr. Perez gave me after I wasn’t happy with the first doctor. Because my 2nd opinion differs so much from my first opinion. I feel I could use a third opinion, in addition to seeing the ocular plastic surgeon to find out about the eyelid.