Clint & I saw NoMeansNo on Friday. They played at the newly opened/renovated Rock N Roll Hotel in DC.

Kevin, Lauren, Aaron, Michael, and their friend Bill were there. Pretty weird seeing Michael again. He was like “Whoa! You’re blonde!” Then he would periodically just burst out, “That’s so WEIRD!”

I’ve seen NoMeansNo twice before, and I have 1 and 1/2 setlists… We got the setlist from the first time we saw them in 1995 at the Black Cat. I cannot remember where the 2nd show was, but I think it was around 2000. I was trying to get the setlist, but some other guy was also trying for it. The employee on the stage ripped it in half and gave half to both of us. During the show on Friday, Kevin was like, “I want that setlist. Carolyn! Get that setlist for me!”. I said to him, “If I’m getting the setlist, I’m getting it for myself”. Clint was like “Oooooooooh.” Yes, I was selfish :). Anyway, I went to get the setlist after the show, but I got yelled at when I started to get on the stage. So I was waiting for the lady to look elsewhere, and this guy behind me was like, “What, you’re not going to get that?” and I said, “I am, I just have to wait for her to stop paying attention” Next thing i know, he was up on the stage, the lady was yelling at him and shining her flashlight on him, but he totally ignored her, and snagged the setlist. I yelled at the lady not to let him have it, but she didn’t stop it from happening. She probably didn’t realize what was going on, or really hear me yelling anyway.

After the concert, we all were hanging out, so we actually got to meet the drummer and guitarist. While talking to John, I mentioned how I was upset about not getting the setlist, and the next thing I knew, I had an autographed drumstick! Clint said AE got a picture of the setlist, so that’d be good enough for me. I got to see some of the pictures he took on his camera, but I hope I get to see the real ones soon.

After the show, Rob was no where to be seen. Kevin got Rob’s autograph by giving his Mama cd sleeve to a maintenance guy who took it out front somewhere to Rob to sign…. When Clint & I left, I saw Rob just hanging out in a van parked in the street.. so I went up to his window and got to talk to him too! I didn’t notice he was already chatting with a fan who was inside the van with him. So I had to wait while they wrapped up their conversation, and then I got to chat.

Oh yeah, before the show, I was going to the bathroom. I couldn’t open the door so I thought someone was in there. I was waiting in line, and I happened to look over, and see these two guys standing around the hallway… and I was like “Oh my God, that’s NoMeansNo!!!” I just stood there dumbfounded and kept telling myself to say something, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. So I didn’t talk to them when I could have… d’oh. But I got to meet them after the show, so that’s pretty cool. But I regret being such a wuss. D’oh.

The show itself was awesome. I do believe it would have been more awesome if I had had ear plugs. I had used up/lost all my ear plugs from before, so these past couple of concerts, I’ve been going without. I tried to buy some, but the Rock N Roll Hotel didn’t sell them. And this concert was LOUD!!! I think I would have understood more what they were saying if I had ear plugs, but it still was awesome. The next day, I went to the grocery store and picked up some ear plugs. One day too late. My ears are still ringing from Friday.

I got to be right up front thanks to Kevin, Michael, and Aaron. They always get me more up front than I’d be normally. I kept getting pushed against the stage, so I would kinda lean down to it. My knees are still a little sore from being pressed into the stage. I was dancing and not caring about them. I thought they’d have actual bruises, but luckily, it’s just soreness I feel. Even though I was up front, I don’t think I was actually noticed by any of the band members. The guitarist heard Kevin say something about his father, and actually responded. Whoo-hoo.

Oh yeah, Kevin bragged about how at the last concert, Rob had poured his beer onto Kevin’s head, and also wiped his sweat on Kevin. When we talked to Rob afterwards at the van, Rob said he didn’t drink beer, so Kevin must have been mistaken. Hehe. I think Rob probably poured something on Kevin, but maybe it wasn’t beer.

So, all-in-all, I loved it, and I hope they come again soon. Maybe next time, they’ll play some Hanson Brothers too!