I’m getting pretty sick of my eye issues. After Dr. Snyder dropped my insurance, I made an appointment to go the opthalmologist that my coworker suggested. I had my appointment this morning. I went to Dr. Snyder’s beforehand to see if they can give me my records, but they weren’t ready. I did give them my payment, so they’ll be mailing them once they are copied.

On Thursday, I saw the retina consultant about the flashy spot in my eye, which is getting better, and is only noticeable when I blink really fast. They dilated my eyes and told me that I have a retina scar. I mentioned that my uncle has serous retinopathy, and my father has a retina scar which may be serous retinopathy. I’m supposed to go back in 2 months.

So, this morning, I went to Dr. Jorge Campana to tell him my wholes story all over again. I was telling the nurse everything before I saw the doctor. Suddenly, Surprise! She put the drops to dilate my eyes in. I was not expecting that or prepared for that. For the next few hours, I was unable to read very well at work. But that was OK. I went and picked up my coworker who’s car didn’t start. By that time, I was starting to be able to see close up again.

Dr. Jorge Campana was pretty nice, but not too terribly helpful. He agreed that it wouldn’t be caused by the lasik surgery, “unless I’m the first one”. He asked if I had my thyroid tested, so I once again listed everything I had done. He measured my eyeballs, but of course, it was a morning appointment, so my eye wasn’t as wide as it can get. He said the eyes are actually the same size. So I pointed out how the lower eyelid sorta droops down and the upper eyelid kinda twists up (not really, but it’s hard to describe what the heck it’s doing). Then I showed him the pictures to show that, yes, there is something wrong and it wasn’t there prior to the lasik. I also mentioned how my eye is open when I sleep.

Anyway, his suggestion is to go to an ocular plastic surgeon, but he did say he’s not sure what they can do because of the fluctuations. If they correct my eye and it fluctuates then it won’t actually be fixed. But he said to go see the plastic surgeon to see what they say.
My boss told me to forget the eye and not go to the plastic surgeon. My husband says I should definately go to the plastic surgeon. I am ready to throw in the towel and say “That’s it, I’m not doing any more doctor appointments”. But, like Clint pointed out, that’s just my emotional response to the headache of going to all these appointments and not getting any real answers. But I said it before. That maybe I should just forget it all and only worry about it if it gets worse.

Right now, I feel like I’ve hit a dead end. I am not sure if an ocular plastic surgeon is the answer. I don’t think plastic surgery to fix something when they don’t know what caused that something is the right thing to do. Well, then again, maybe I should go because maybe they’ve seen something similar before and can help pinpoint what caused it…..