As some of you may be aware, Misfit went camping this past weekend. I know, I know, it’s very foolish to think one can take a cat camping. But I had always wanted to take Samhain camping, but I thought he was too old and would freak out and get lost. So with Misfit, I wanted to get him exposed to stuff while he was young. (Still, compared to Samhain, Misfit hasn’t been exposed to much at all.) Misfit’s birthday was coming up (9/11), so I knew it was the last chance to expose him to something while he was still young enough to learn from it. So that’s why I did what I did. I was very paranoid about him escaping and getting lost, or getting eaten by a bear, or him just plain freaking out and constantly bothering everyone.

Anyway, long story short was Misfit was pretty nervous, but all-in-all, he dealt with it pretty well. He would have relaxed much earlier if it wasn’t for Chris White’s dogs showing up. I think dogs is one thing Misfit will never get used to. The worst part with the dogs was when I had Misfit on my lap, and the dogs ran up to Chris with the frisbee. Chris was right next to me, so Misfit didn’t take that very well. My hands are still wounded.

On another note regarding camping (and this has nothing to do with Misfit), I got a bad case of poison ivy. I blame the 5am walk I took with Dave N. That’s the only thing out of the ordinary that I did.

Anyway, I think I *may* take Misfit camping again. It depends on if we go again this year and if not, how his personality develops over the next few months during the winter. If he seems pretty laidback, then maybe so… If he starts acting like a skittish kitty then definitely not. Time will tell, I guess.

Last night, Misfit stayed out the entire night. When he appeared this morning, his collar is missing. D’oh! Now I have to go buy another collar and shell out another $9 for another tag. Grrr. I don’t know what he was doing, either, but also this evening he’s acting all hurt and annoyed. I’ll pick him up,and he’ll just whine and try to move himself to a better position. He’s not limping or anything, so I really can’t tell what’s going on. I’ll give him a day or so and see if he’s still acting strange.

Also, on another note regarding Misfit. “You know it’s bad when….” I went to change Misfit’s litter box, and it must have been awhile, because some of the poops in there had mold on them!!! I was thinking it may be because he doesn’t quite know how to use the litterbox properly. He’ll poop, and try to scoop the litter over it, but he totally misses the litter – he just scratches the side of the box. I blame his mom for that one. I tried so many times to show him how to scrape the actual litter, but he doesn’t listen. So his poops are just sitting there on top exposed to all the elements. So I think maybe they molded faster than poop that would have been buried.
So, that’s enough about Misfit for now :). Pictures of camping will be posted shortly. Also pictures of Misfit chasing around a poor little vole last night. (Ok, this time I’m really done 🙂 )