Why does it seem everytime Clint & I go to a concert, there’s always some annoying person?

Carnivore – before the band came on, the club was playing this very goofy music. There was this guy running around stomping his feet, waving his arms, and yelling… and it was to the goofiest music!! the band hadn’t even started yet… I pointed out my annoyance to Clint, and he said he had already been annoyed at the guy earlier in the evening.

Violent Femmes – this guy right behind us kept yelling out, “Yes sir! Yes sir!” waaaaay annoying.

They Might Be Giants – whoever had that very bad gas was very annoying

Agent Orange – this guy’s idea of dancing was to do jumping jacks. Too annoying.

Sisters of Mercy – This one features a chick for once. This girl comes muscling her way through, so I move a bit to let her by thinking she was just going to keep on going. She decided to stop right there, and so then she and this guy following her were suddenly in my spot… so i did my best to annoy her so she’d leave. I didn’t succeed. She finally got a text message on her phone from her friend that said they were over by the bar, so that’s why she left.