Welp, I went to the neurologist to follow up on that visual response whatever test. I told her about the CT Scan and the CD, and she called the front desk to get the results from the CT Scan. The visual response test was normal and fine. As for the CT scan results, the thing about my sinus is apparently something I was born with, and not some eroding bone like the technician had thought). The sinus itself is smaller than the other sinus, and therefore the bone is lower, and the floor of the eyeball is lower. She also didn’t know why that would just appear now. I have a feeling when I go to the neuro-opthalmologist, he’s just going to be like “Yup! You have a depressed eye floor, there’s your answer” and stop right there. That was the impression I got from him last time I was there. Even when I said “Why would it only show up now?” and he answered “I don’t know”.

Plus, the wideness has started getting somewhat better. It would come and go and now it doesn’t seem to be as pronounced…. At least when I see it. Clint says it’s still really bad sometimes…. I want Clint to notice if my eye is still open when I sleep, or if that seems to be getting better too. I need more pictures recent pictures to be taken of me too so I can see if it is still showing up in the pictures (it was actually most obvious in pictures….)

So, anyway, today, it was pretty normal. The lower lid is still more droopy and the upper lid is still higher up, but it has a look of being more symmetrical. So the neurologist was like “oh, it’s getting better. You probably don’t have to worry about it anymore”. Except for the retina thing, which actually is getting better. I have a feeling that thing is going to be completely better by the time my appointment rolls around on the 21st. Of course, it could also be that my brain is compensating for it and that’s why I don’t notice it as much. I only notice it for a split second after opening my eye. So to really see it, I need to blink my eye several times, and then i’d be like ‘yup, it’s still there”.. And it’s not a glaring spot on the paper when I am reading. So who knows…

So, anyway, after my retina consultation and the neuro-opthalmologist follow-up, I may just throw in the towel and accept that 1) I will never know what’s wrong with me and 2) I know it’s not something they know is bad and 3) at least it’s not getting worse. I will just have a wide-eye for the rest of my life, because frankly, I’m tired of this crap. And maybe, just maybe, the eye will continue to get better and better and then I won’t have a wide-eye anymore. Maybe! But I guess that really depends on what the neuro-opthalmologist and the retina consultant say about me. Maybe they will come up with some other scary disease that I will need to be tested for. Maybe I will still say “forget it.”. Whatever mood I am in at the time.. šŸ™‚

Also, nobody really notices it until I point it out at which time it becomes obvious to them. So I gotta stop pointing it out and talking about it and bragging about my brain pictures šŸ™‚ (Actually, Clint is more guilty of that than me. He’s the one who traps people at a party to force them to watch the video šŸ™‚ )