So I’ve been really slacking on posting my Assateague journal. Here it is:

Tuesday – 20060801

After working 13 hours on Monday, and 6 ½ hours on Tuesday, I left work around 3:30 and loaded up the car. Clint was sick and has a twisted back, so I did all the loading with only a little help from Clint. Then I was ready to do all the driving. Par for the course, on the way to Bethany, we got lost. I swear, I can never get those directions right.. No matter if I’m coming or going, at some point, I’ll get mixed up somewhere… One of these days….

On the way, Clint was drinking mad amounts of water. He drank all of his water bottle, so I gave him the rest of mine. Then he had to pee, so we stopped at a gas station. He filled up the water bottles again, and I topped off the gas. Even though we had about half a tank, we decided it was smart to get more (after Snowshoe that one year, I’m never going to take chances of running out of gas again). I was a little unhappy that he suckered me into pumping gas into his car again, and having to pay for it again, but it just made more sense. However, the gas pump was very annoying. The little clicker thing wouldn’t stay, so I had to hold it. Not only that, but it kept stopping as if the gas tank was full. So after awhile, I figured out how to hold it where it wouldn’t click off every second, but then I was concerned that it was not going to actually stop when the tank was full. So I decided to put a certain amount in and leave it at that. I was just closing out the sale when Clint came back. Clint was annoyed that I didn’t keep putting the gas in until it overflowed, but he got over it. He said if we had to get gas within 75 miles of getting home, then he’d bring it back up. We got at least 88 miles after refilling on the way home.

After we got back on the road, about 3 minutes later, Clint had to urinate again. He said he can hold out a while longer, so I didn’t push the issue. I remember thinking as I passed a McDonald’s “I wonder if I should mention that McDonald’s to Clint as a possible place to pee.. No, he said he’ll tell me when to stop” Turns out, that McDonald’s was the last opportunity of a civil bathroom before no man’s land. After that, there was nothing. All of a sudden, I realized I hadn’t seen any possibilities.. We passed a guy pulled over standing behind a house and we just assumed he was peeing. Eventually, we did have to pull over so Clint can relieve himself in the woods. He said there were mosquitoes hovering around him, and one tried to follow him back into the car, but he killed it.

The car ride was pretty uneventful after that except for the getting lost part. Oh wait, there was one point before Clint peed the first time where Clint told me he had to pee, and said “Pull off on this exit”. So I pull off, and he pointed at the side of the road and said, “Just pull off right here.” I was like thinking he was having some mad emergency so I quickly oblige. As I’m pulling over, I see a bunny rabbit jump away. Then I noticed another bunny rabbit start to run away, and then realized I was stopped so he just kinda hung out in the grass eyeing me warily. So cute. So then Clint was like “I didn’t want to tell you while you were driving, but there was a HUGE SPIDER on the cooler [which was right by my shoulder].” Close call! Unfortunately, Clint was unable to catch the spider before it disappeared into the masses of stuff we had back there. The spider was never found. So that was when we decided to go ahead and get off on that exit and gas up, get water, etc.

We finally made it to Rehoboth. I stopped at a WaWa for Clint to urinate a third time, and he also wanted to get some gum. Turns out once he got inside, he decided to get candy instead. I had a reeses peanut butter cup. Later he made me eat a bit of cow tail because he knows how much I hate them. I was sooo resistant and he was like “Take a bite!” Finally, I took a bite, and was like “Ewww!! Cowtail!” Then a second later, I was like “Wait a second, this isn’t a cowtail. It’s fruity!” Clint was like “oh yeah, I forgot I got strawberry cream cowtail.” So it was a cowtail and had the same consistency, but it didn’t taste horrible. I still don’t think I could have eaten a whole one, but at least the two bites I had were not bad.

In Bethany, there are apparently THREE 2nd Streets. My PDA map and Google map directions were pointing me to one that was on the North side of Bethany near the totem pole. So we drive along 2nd Street, but I’m like “These numbers aren’t making sense. There’s 100 and 99. And they didn’t go down to 5 or 7”. Finally, I call Aunt Maria’s cell phone. She kept relaying my questions to Uncle Timmy, who was asking, “which 2nd Street are they on? North or South”. Suddenly we are disconnected, and her cell phone just went to voicemail. Great. So I try Uncle Timmy’s cell. Success. After going back and forth with Uncle Timmy to let him know where I am (which involved a couple of u-turns and a one-sided peanut gallery coming from Clint) we finally figure out where I need to go. The house is in South Bethany, so I needed to pass the totem pole and keep going for like a mile. The third second street was in the same area as the correct 2nd Street, and they were divided by “Division Street.” Lame! Anyway, once Uncle Timmy realized I was on the right track, he informed me that he, Maria, Mom, Dad and Mark were at the race track so nobody was at the house. But he said Grandma was at the house, and “Maybe Jonathan is back by now”.

We finally find the correct house, and as I pull into the driveway of #7, I realize Uncle Johnny had just pulled up, and Melanie was in the car trying to get out of the passenger side. Whoops. Almost ran over my cousin within 10 seconds of arriving. Then Clint was like “Is that your Grandma?” Grandma was standing by the driveway on the other side and I totally didn’t see her. Double whoops. Almost ran over my grandma within 10 seconds of arriving. We get out and say hello to everyone. Grandma informs us that Clint & I staying in the other house, #5 where my parents are. So we decide to move our car over to that driveway. I made Clint do it because I was tired of driving. There was a note on the door informing us that they were at the race track, and that our room is “through the living room and to the right”. So I go through the living room and to the right, and there’s a bunk bed. The bottom bunk was a double bed with some sheets folded up ready to be put on. However, the top bunk was definitely lived in. I was a little confused about who was staying there with us. The luggage didn’t clue me in much. There was a box of camouflage stuff and a suitcase of normal stuff. I figured it wasn’t Jay from the suitcase, but I was so confused. Later, I found out it was Jordan. Ahh, now it made perfect sense. Jordan had come from boot camp or something where they were camping out in the heat and wilderness with no sleeping bags. His toothpaste looked like someone dipped it in charcoal.

Anyway, Clint & I chill for awhile. I had a glass of wine. I would have preferred Merlot, but the cork was messed up and I couldn’t get it open without breaking it, so I settled for White Zinfandel.

After awhile, we decide to go chat with Grandma and Uncle Johnny. We go over there, and they seemed pretty tired. Grandma was surprised that nobody was home at the house. She didn’t realize they were at the race track. So she then told us to check out upstairs where Samantha and Frankie and some other people were hanging out (Grandma had mentioned “Samantha’s boyfriend” when we were getting out of the car after arriving, but I had completely forgot about that). We go upstairs, and nobody was there except for Allison & Melanie and a strange girl. I immediately thought “Nanny”. Her name was Liz and she was really nice. I liked her a lot. Anyway, they were watching the Family Guy movie. They informed us Frankie & Samantha went to the boardwalk with Jordan. We watched the Family Guy movie for awhile, and then headed back to the other house. We also hung out at the ocean for a bit and then I think we channel surfed and watched a documentary about the military. Then Mom, Dad, and Uncle Mark & Denise came back. We discussed the bed situation and Mom & Uncle Mark moved Jordan out of the bunk bed room and into the room next to Uncle Mark. However, when Jordan came back, it was decided that he should have stayed in the upper bunk. So he was in the bunk, but his stuff wasn’t. Jay & Jacqueline arrived at some point, and it was decided they would get the room next to Uncle Mark. Now of course, this was the “House of Sin”. And so there was the sleeping arrangements that actually happened, and the sleeping arrangements that we told everyone we were in. It’s too confusing to remember where everyone supposedly slept. Mom & Dad in one room, Clint & Carolyn in the bottom bunk, Jacqueline on the top bunk. Denise in the master bedroom, Mark in the room adjacent to the master bedroom, Jay & Jordan on the couch. The next day Vicky & Christina arrived, and it was even harder to figure out. I guess on Friday, Stacy arrived to make it even more confusing.

I guess there’s not much else to say about Tuesday. Oh wait, one more thing. I had forgotten Grandma mentioning Samantha’s boyfriend, and at some point, Dad was telling us that Jordan, Samantha & Frankie had gone to the boardwalk. He also said that the guy who had come to fix the air conditioner in the other house was with them. He said “He took quite a liking to Samantha and they asked if he wanted to go along and he did.” Turns out, it was a total joke. At some point, someone had said “Who’s that?” and someone else said “The a/c guy” as a joke. So it really was Samantha’s boyfriend, and not just some random air conditioner guy. I was so gullible I bought the whole thing.
Wednesday – 20060802

Clint & I are woken up at 10am by mom asking if we want to go go-karting with Uncle Timmy & family. I mumble something like “Ask Clint” who told mom that we didn’t want to go because we were going to be going with our friends later in the week. Turns out Jordan went go-karting. Soon after that, I woke up, and left Clint sleeping. I decided to go to the beach with my mom. Mom kept going back and forth getting stuff. She was like “We usually fill this bucket with ice and keep water in it for Grandma.” The bucket was a plastic sand castle bucket. Pretty funny. Anyway, we go over to the other house to see if Grandma was at the beach or wanted to go to the beach. Johnny & Melanie were on the porch, and Johnny asks where the go-kart place was. Apparently, he tried to find it, but couldn’t, and nobody was answering the cell phones. Then he was like “I wonder if Jordan will answer his”, and starts dialing. Melanie said “Daddy, I don’t want to go go-karting”. Johnny said something like he was going to call anyway. So I asked Melanie if she wanted to go to the beach with me & mom. She said “Maybe”. And Uncle Johnny said “’Maybe’ for Melanie means yes.” So then we waited for Melanie to change into her swimsuit. There was no sign of Grandma so it was assumed she went to take a nap. Melanie got changed, and asked Johnny if he was coming. He told her in a bit, and she started crying and carrying on about how she wanted him to go now. Johnny said to go on ahead because Melanie was having an attack of “shyitis”. I felt bad because it seemed like she wanted to be with her father. Allison & Liz were already at the beach.

We hung out in the water for awhile, and there were these kids who would like run up with a boogey board into a wave, and jump like really high. It was crazy but they seemed to have fun.

Mom got wiped out by a wave and got knocked into the pebbly sand. A nice man helped her up. Later, she discovered a whole bunch of rocks and sand and shells in her bathing suit. There was also a shark’s tooth. It was pretty funny.

Clint eventually woke up and came out to the beach, but for some reason we didn’t stay long. I don’t think Clint even went into the water or anything. Uncle Mark had spread the word that dinner was at 6:30 at Magnolia’s. We went back to the house where Clint went directly to sleep in the bunk, and mom, Jordan and I were watching Animal Planet. We watched the top ten killer cats. After that we watched “Growing up Black Panther”. That was about this family that was raising a baby black panther. That thing was sooo cute. I told Mom I wanted one.

After that, I fell asleep on the couch. About an hour later, my cell phone starting ringing and it was Vicky. The living room was deserted when I was woken up from my nap. It was close to dinner time though.

The restaurant was pretty delicious. I ended up with the same thing as last year—Stuffed Shrimp Imperial. It was either that or the lobster tail, and I couldn’t bring myself to order that expensive of an item (though it was only about $4 more). Dad got the lobster tail, though.

Speaking of Dad, he was on a mission to visit 37 or so Harley Davidson dealerships to be eligible for a contest. He had a disaster getting one of them due to a misprint on the contest brochure. It didn’t have which city in NJ the dealership was, so he ended up in Trenton when he was supposed to be in Atlantic City. So he went to Atlantic City the next day, and was late to dinner.
Dad also left early from the dinner, and Clint caught a ride back with him. I think he went right to bed after that. After we got back, Jordan, Jay, Jacquelyn and I went to the bars. I told Clint about it, but he didn’t want to go. We started out at the cottage one, but when we sat down at the bar, the bartender informed us the seats were taken. Lame. So we decided it was too crowded so we decided to go to Mango’s. By the way, Jordan had gotten very drunk at dinner, so he was already toasted when we were going to the bars.

On the way to Mango’s, we were about to get someone’s spot. We were patiently waiting for them to back out with our left signal on. And this guy swoops from the right lane right into our spot. Jay and Jordan got out so quick to give them a piece of their mind. Luckily for all, the people right next to our spot were leaving also, so no asses had to be kicked. But that was terrible. Assholes. I hate them.

At Mango’s, we had one drink, and then Jordan wanted to play pool. Unfortunately, Bethany doesn’t have pool bars. So we ended up deciding to check out the arcade. I played Jordan at air hockey. The score was 7-6. Jay played Jacquelyn and their score was 7-6. So we switched so I was playing Jacquelyn (score of 7-4) and Jay was playing Jordan (I forget who won or what their score was). Then we played some skee-ball. I turned in my tickets and some of Jay’s tickets for two tops (the cheaper top was the cooler of the two. It was a holographic star of david. The other was a smiley face). Then Jay & Jacquelyn were playing that game where you put a quarter in and it knocks other quarters over the edge. Jacquelyn was very good at that and won a bunch of tickets. Jay then decided to kinda shake the machine, and all sorts of alarms go off. The workers just laughed at us, so we didn’t get in trouble. Jay turned in his tickets for some mini glowsticks.

When we got back, I was like “Heh. It’s 10:45, do you know where your kids are? They’re home!”. We watched an episode of Sex & The City and then Jordan went to bed, and Jay Jacquelyn and I went to hang out at the ocean. Clint was still sleeping during all of this.

At the ocean, we were playing with Jay’s mini glowsticks. At one point, Jay dropped the yellow one into the sand. As he reached to grab it, it kinda went “whoosh” and disappeared into the sand. He tried to dig for it, but it seemed to be gone. Some of the sand was slightly glowing, so it was very weird. Like something bit it and took it. Who knows.

Then we went to bed. No clue what time it was or anything.

Thursday – 20060803

Sometime during the night before, I had a dazed realization that I forgot to bring the reservation information for Assateague. I would have tossed and turned but I finally wondered if Vicky had her laptop so I can check my email to at least get the reservation number, and decided it would be fine. When I woke up on Thursday, I asked Vicky if she had her laptop with her. She did, but we’d have to go to Baja Grille for wireless access. We were making a plan on going. However, before hand, I was doing some packing up, and then I decided to cut up my peppers for my kabobs. Then at one point, Vicky said something, and I said “I thought we were going to go to Baja Grille”.. And Vicky was like “I didn’t say WE’D go…” Luckily, I had Christina to back me up to say “yes, you did say you’d go.” I guess Vicky wasn’t fond of the idea after all. Another possiblity was going to the library, but after our experience last year, I was trying very hard to avoid the library. Suddenly Vicky had the realization to tell me to go use Johnny’s laptop that was at the other house hooked up to the internet. Yay.

When I got to the other beach house, Johnny was already using the modem. He said he’d be a little while, so I sat down on the couch to wait. Suddenly he was like “All yours”.. I said “That was fast”. Apparently, he decided to go ahead and let me go first. So I get on, and the information is right there, phone number and all. I wrote down the information (thanks to Clint for providing me with a notes page from the yellow pages) and then called them to make sure if I go there with just a number, we’d be able to get into our site. I think the guy I talked to was Brandon. Or Brett. Or something….. I had it written down, but I think we ended up burning that piece of paper.

Oh yeah, before all that, we had a nice breakfast of pancakes, and eggs (bacon was gone by the time me and Clint woke up). Delicious! Thanks Uncle Mark and Denise! It was funny though, because Mom told me that on Wednesday, she told Mark & Denise not to cook breakfast because “it was too many people”. And yet here they were cooking for even MORE people!

I started dragging my feet with the packing.. I took my time. Then I went down to the beach to say goodbye to everyone who was there. I had barely gotten to see Uncle Timmy’s family, though. Tuesday night they were at the race track, Wednesday during the day they were go-karting, Wednesday evening we got to see them at dinner, but they were at the other table so we didn’t get to interact all that much. Then Thursday I was leaving, and they were at the beach. But that’s ok. I got to see the more rare relatives and Grandma.

After saying goodbye on the beach, Dad asked if I told Uncle Timmy that my air conditioner in my car is still broken. “Oh no! I completely forgot! … Will you tell him?” Dad got a sinister glint in his eye and said “It will be a priviledge”. Hahaha.. I haven’t heard from Uncle Timmy yet. I keep forgetting to call him.

Finally around 12:30 or so we get on the road to go to Assateague. Considering we had decided to leave at 11:20, but we didn’t make it because of me dragging my feet and deciding getting there at 12 wasn’t all that important.

Car ride down was uneventful, except we stopped at Dairy Queen. Even though I wasn’t hungry, I got a small blizzard, but didn’t finish it. By the time we got to Assateague, it was melted and nasty, so I threw it away.

Oh wait, we did get lost on the way down. I think the google maps directions were for Berlin MD. We ended up missing our road somewhere (Clint confessed he was watching too)… So eventually, I was like “Something’s wrong, it shouldn’t be this far. I’m turning around”.. Right when I turned around, we see the sign saying “Assateague Island”. That was the road that started with 3 (375 or something.. 347… I don’t know).. so I knew we were completely going in the wrong direction, because we should have been closer to the road starting with 6 (611? Dunno) Anyway, after that, it was smooth sailing.

When I get to the ranger station, the ranger asked me what site I was in. I said ‘5”. He said “oh actually, you’re in site 2”. I was like “how’d that happen?” He informed me that a girl had already checked in. I had to sign something, and so I got to see it was Erin who beat us. He said the only options were 2 and 4 and she picked 2. He said we could change it if we wanted to. He also said she had only beat us by 15 minutes or so.

We drive up to the campsite and Dan & Erin were kinda piddling around their car. After careful consideration, we decide 2 was the better spot than 4.

Taking all the stuff into campsite 2 was exhausting. Eventually I realized that with the heat and the biting flies, I actually was only capable of doing one thing. Getting into the ocean. Unfortunately, before I can get into the ocean, I would have to set up my tent so I can change into my bathing suit. I couldn’t do either of those.. After Clint realized I was about to collapse from heat exhaustion he forced me to go to the shower. Millions of flies were hanging out in the shower, but once I got under the water (clothes and all) I felt much better. Erin & I decided to put our bathing suits on in the shower. So then I was ready to get into the ocean (skipping the having to put up tent. Yay).

In the ocean, Clint had a boogey board, but I was just chilling. Clint let himself drift on the boogey board so he was a good distance away when Dan & Erin came to the water. Erin informed me she & Dan didn’t even finish setting up their tent, and that they had decided to move it anyway. They thought their original spot is attracting more flies. Anyway, Clint just continued to let himself drift on down away from us. Dan was like “Where’s Clint?” and I said “That white dot”. Eventually, I decided to go get him. I wanted to be with him and he was obviously not coming back on his own.

After hanging out in the water, we go and set up the tent and what not. Stacy & Dawn arrived (Erin thought Dawn was Clint from a great distance without her glasses on.) The flies were atrocious. They seemed to follow Erin around more than us. They swarmed around poor Shelby. I asked Dawn how she can just stand there with flies all over her legs. She replied “Because I don’t have enough hands.”

Dawn & Stacy high-tailed it to a hotel room to give Shelby (and themselves) some relief. About an hour after that, the sun started setting and the flies went away. THANK GOODNESS!!!!

At some points on Thursday, I was actually miserable. Anyone who knows me should know I don’t usually get miserable, but man. I told Clint out loud that if I didn’t have so much riding on Assateague, I’d be ready to go back to the beach house in Bethany.

Anyway, Thursday night involved a power nap, and chatting with Wayne, Shehab, Christian, Shannon, and Clint while sitting downwind from the smoke to chase away the mosquitoes.

Friday – 20060804

We wake up on Friday and I kinda peek out at everyone. They’re all wearing shorts. Does that mean there’s no flies? I started in shorts, but that didn’t last long. The flies started showing up again. They started to get bad, so we all decided to go to Ocean City. We wrote a note for Dawn and Stacy & any Friday arrivals and high-tailed it to OC. We started out at Brass Balls or Ballbreaker, or something like that. We had a nice big breakfast. Actually, some people wanted lunch, but it was breakfast only till 11am, so Dan & Heather I think waited a half an hour to order since it was 10:30. Clint changed his mind from a lunch meal to a breakfast and got the same thing as me. A “bodacious biscuit”, 2 eggs, hashbrowns, and some fruit. Yummy. When Clint’s meal came, he was disappointed that there was no meat, but I think Wayne ended up giving him a sausage.

Wayne, Heather, Shannon, Christian, and I all had grasshoppers as well. MMMMM yummy. Wayne reminded me that I had a grasshopper before in my life because he bought me one for my 21st birthday. I didn’t really have a recollection of it (I really don’t have much of a recollection of most of that night anyway). He said Andy had told him about it that day, and then that night I said I wanted a girly drink, so he said it was meant to be that I was to have a grasshopper. We got to keep our mugs, which reminds me, I forgot to claim my two mugs. D’oh! They gave us a bag to carry these mounds of mugs.
[update-Shannon brought the mugs to Jesse & Melanie’s party so I now have them in my possession. Yay!]

Oh yeah, in the rush to escape the flies, it never dawned on me to get my money or ID, so I was a total mooch off of everyone on Friday.

Then we walked waaaaaay up the boardwalk to another bar, Shenanigans (that name I do remember). I had a couple of Yeunglings. We were all exhausted. I wanted nothing more than to lay down and sleep. Clint was worse off than me. Eventually, Clint went outside to find a bench to lay on. I was concerned he was going to get too hot, or worse, sunburned, but he evidently found some shade to lay in.

We were able to kill a lot of time, but it wasn’t going to be enough. Dan & Erin started talking about going to see a movie. A/C and dark and a total time-killer. It was very intriguing, but unfortunately, Dan & Erin could only fit one person in their car. So I asked Clint if he wanted to go without me, but he didn’t. So Dan & Erin start walking away. I turned to Clint and said “I think you’d have more fun if you went with them”. Suddenly, he was standing up and rushing after them. I called them to let them know to wait up for him. After he left, I realized my only money was gone. Whoops, I’m a total mooch. I definitely owe both Wayne & Shehab bigtime.

After Shenanigans, we decided to go to HoJo’s for what Wayne claimed was the “best bathroom in town”. On the way, we did some shopping for a kite and some glowy things to tie to the kite. We also had 4 out of 5 people needing to pee at some point. We ended up at the WORST bathroom in town. The women’s bathroom had two toilets, but no walls between them. And one of them had flooded so the floor was soaked. Yuck!!!! While I was waiting for Shannon, Wayne asked me why I wasn’t in there with her because girls like to go to the bathroom together. I was like “uhh.. it’s not completely like that”. While crouching over the toilet, I did wonder to myself why I was bothering if I was the 1 person who didn’t need to pee, but I knew if I didn’t, then I’d be the one person who would need to pee.. Later, at the campsite, Shannon & I were going towards the portapotty together, and Wayne commented “You won’t go in the bathroom with no walls, but you two are going to squeeze in that portapotty?”. I was laughing uncontrollably all the way to the portapotty and all the way back from the portapotty. On the way to, Shannon was like “Don’t make me laugh! I have to pee!” But I couldn’t help it. That was too hilarious!

We finally get to Hojo’s and Wayne heads to the perfect bathroom. Shehab and Christian order drinks and got carded.. d’oh! I stayed back going “Dammit, no id!”. Then Shannon comes up and doesn’t get carded.. hmmmm.. We get a table and then Shehab gets up and orders a Yeungling for me. When the lady brought it, she even put it down in front of me. Heh. We also had a shrimp happy hour special, and some jerked chicken… yummy. After that, she talked us into the crab dip. That was delicious. Everyone spent time in the perfect bathroom, which was perfect because it was secret. I went for my turn, and I followed Wayne’s directions, but there wasn’t a restroom. So I went all the way back and Wayne had to come escort me. It was a blank door, that’s why I couldn’t find it. So I’m just finishing up when there’s a knock at the door. I quickly tried to flush the toilet, but it didn’t flush right away. I could tell that it needed to have the handle held down. I washed my hands, and then held the handle down and opened the door. It was just Wayne out there who told me that he told the person I was in there and not to knock. So I assumed it was the cleaning lady I had seen lurking around earlier and I informed Wayne the toilet didn’t flush as he went in. He didn’t seem too concerned. Days later, I found out it was Wayne who knocked all along! I’m sooo gullible!!!!!

Back at the campsite, we were eventually joined by Ian & Angel & Evan and Heather & Gene and Sammy. Christian launched the kite way up into the sky. Lots of hanging out. I made my kabobs. Wayne told me I had already fucked them up because I didn’t soak the bamboo skewers. I was like “oh no! these things have been soaking for 2 days in the cooler!”.. Turns out it was a moot point because I put foil on the grill. They turned out alright anyway.

I forgot to mention that I had a sore throat all day on Friday, so I was afraid I was catching Clint’s sickness.

Friday night was awesome. Clint & I were sleeping in Stacy’s tent. At one point, I woke up to a wind storm. I was actually cold, so I broke out my sleeping bag. Stacy’s tent was awesome because it has two windows, so the wind was just blowing right through. I thought it was really beautiful listening to the wind, feeling it blow through the tent, and hearing the waves also.

Saturday – 20060805
When I woke up Saturday, I felt like I really was getting sick. I felt the malaise, but I also had a slight stomachache as well. I was kinda laying around when Vicky, Stacy, Jay, Jacquelyn, and Christina showed up. Apparently, Vicky said to everyone “This is my friend from high school, Christina”.. and was met with complete silence except for a half-hearted grunt from Wayne. D’oh. Sorry Christina.

I think Jay spent some time messing around with the telescope, but I don’t think he saw much.

Eventually, I went into the ocean with Vicky & Erin. I started to feel better when I was out and about in the waves. Erin eventually went back, and Vicky commented that it was funny that I was sick and I outlasted Erin in the ocean. Later on, I was in the ocean with Vicky & Evan & Stacy. At one point, Vicky said she was doing the breast stroke outloud. Evan kinda muttered “huh huh, you said ‘breast’”. That had me cracking up for a good 2 minutes. I think Evan started being like “Ok, it wasn’t that funny” but I couldn’t help it. Lauren & Dave were also hanging out in the ocean, so I spent some time with them. Ian & Angel were just starting to work on their Snakes On A Plane sculpture. I didn’t hang around too long for that, but the pictures of it turned out awesomely!

Ryan, Doug, and Darren also arrived on Saturday.

At one point, I walked about 2 feet away from the fire, and ended up stepping on a hot coal and burning my foot. It started out as a small blister. Then it just grew and grew. I was scared it was going to pop and then I was going to be miserable, however, it didn’t really hurt all that bad as long as I was barefoot. Funny thing, I decided to go with Clint, Heather, and Gene for a nature walk to the overlook that Heather & Gene had discovered. So I was walking around with this huge burn on my foot. But the overlook was awesome. There were loblolly pines, so I reminisced how I had to learn about those in the dendrology class, but now I remember nothing from the class. I wish I remembered more, because identifying trees is kinda fun.

While hanging out Saturday night, Dan was pretty drunk. I actually caught him passing out a couple of times. I never see Dan passed out, so I quickly snapped a picture of it.

At one point, Vicky, Shannon, Christian, Wayne, and Shehab went out for dinner. They went to a seafood restaurant. I was like “Hey, Vicky wanted to stay tonight so she can see the sunset, and she’s not even here to see it!”

After Dan recovered his energy, he, Erin, & Darren decided to go to secrets. Wayne had said if they didn’t just get back from dinner and were all full and tired, he would have been willing to go to Secrets, but as it was, nobody else wanted to go. Just as well, because they ended up not getting in because the line sucked

Around 11ish, I realized that it was our last chance to have a beach bonfire for Christian’s birthday. I figured he’d be pretty upset if it didn’t happen. So then I start whispering around. Shannon was taking a nap at the time, so I went and whispered to her. I saw Angel & Ian walking towards the beach, so I whispered with them. I whispered to Heather. Eventually I was like “This isn’t going to happen at this rate. The people I whisper to aren’t picking up the slack to make it happen”. So I started whispering with Sammy, and kept pushing and pushing. Suddenly, he was yelling across the site towards Wayne I think. Christian caught wind of it, so the surprise was spoiled. But it was better that way because I wasn’t sure how we were going to pull a surprise off if I didn’t have the support I felt like I needed. When Christian caught wind of it, he was like “Beach bonfire. That’s a lot of work”.. so after that, everyone got the interest and before we knew it, people were chipping in taking logs down to the beach and the beach bonfire was underway! We burned the gigalog (or as Wayne kept calling it, “Superlog”). Apparently, the gigalog outlasted us.

At one point during the beach bonfire, I needed to urinate. Shannon suggested I just go down to the ocean and let loose by the waves. So I go down there, and I see this mass. I was like “Is that a person?” I think it was Clint who informed me that it was a pony. So I was kinda crouching, and that pony was coming right for me. So I got up and was like “I can’t pee in front of that horse”. So I waited for it to pass me, and then crouched back down and peed.

Later, a sand crab was hanging out. Apparently, he had scurried across the fire on the outskirts of the flames. Then he was kinda frozen hanging out near the fire. Doug came over and scared the crab so it scurried back into the fire. Unfortunately, the sand kinda collapsed and the crab found himself in the fire with no time to figure a way out. It was the saddest thing ever. I was a little upset because I had a clear view of the crab as it fell in and never came back out. Eventually a log fell down so I couldn’t see it anymore, but I was still sad.

Heather & Gene dregged up some interest on going on a midnight nature walk. I decided not to go because of my blister. Plus I had no energy. But Vicky & Clint went. When they came back, Vicky described how the water looked like snow from the moonlight.

Eventually, I realized I couldn’t stay awake anymore. I felt bad leaving everyone, but the tent sounded very nice to me. When I got back to the tent, however, our door had been left open when Stacy moved our stuff into it. I never closed it, and Clint never closed it. And there was dew everywhere so every thing was wet. I was slightly annoyed at that, but too tired to really care all that much.

Sunday – 20060806
We woke up pretty early on Sunday. I was still paranoid about my blister, so we pretty much just packed up the car and then left. I felt bad kinda leaving everyone else to clean up the site, but I figured they could handle it. I cleaned up as much trash as I could, and so I did my part. As I was leaving, everyone kept thanking me for organizing it. I was like “I didn’t really do all that much”.. Clint said “Yes you did”. Then I really thought about it and was like “Oh yeah, I did do a lot. Especially with the coordinating of rides. As it was, there were still some people who didn’t make it because I didn’t coordinate a ride for them (Mark, Tabbitha). Actually, I had a ride coordinated for Mark. He was going to ride up with Shehab. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get a ride from King George to Arlington where Shehab lives. So that’s why he didn’t go. Tabbitha was under the assumption that she was going to go with Evan, but they didn’t really discuss it all that much. Considering Evan was supposed to ride with me on Friday until my plans changed, there was a lack of communication somewhere.

Anyway, all in all, it was an awesome trip, even with the flies, and actual misery on Thursday, and a burned foot.

I’m looking very forward to next year!!