So, today I started out at the neurologist for the Visual Evoked Response test. It involved hooking electrodes to my head and having me sit and stare at a red dot surrounded by a black & white checkerboard pattern that would flash around trippily. While doing the right eye (which she did MUCH more than the left eye), she suddenly started asking me these questions. Like “What’s an animal that starts with C?” and “What’s a reptile that starts with A?”. Then she asked what county I live in, and later asked me to give my home address. Then she asked if I had any kids, and when the answer was “no” she was like “That eliminates a whole group of questions I was going to ask you”. So then she asked if I had any pets and asked me questions about Misfit.

So, anyway, she said the results for that won’t be back for a week or so.

After that, I went to the deli and had a sandwich and still had some time to kill before my next appointment. I ended up going home and checking out the progress on the construction. They had the whole floor ripped up and were messing around in the dirt underneath. So I went upstairs and watched TV. Suddenly the bedroom door opened, and there was Clint. I was like “What are you doing here?” and he was like “What are you doing here?” so we chilled together for awhile watching TV until I had to leave and Clint had to go back to work.

So, then I went back to the neuro-opthalmologist. He told me he called the MRI Center and asked if the results showed anything about my eye socket. They mentioned there was a difference in the sinus cavity on the right side.. Apparently, the bone or something is underdeveloped or something, and so the floor of my eyeball could be lower… so i asked “Well, why would it just start now and not be like that all along?” and he said he didnt’ know. But i have to get a cat scan to see more detail on that.

The neuro-opthalmologist also looked into the back of my eye because of my complaints about the camera flash sensation. He did see an abnormality in my retina which is probably causing the camera flash sensation. He has referred me to a retinal specialist. He said that seems unrelated to the wide eye. Great. He also mentioned that having the sun reflecting into my face with the mirror in the morning wouldn’t hurt me. Go figure. (That was my theory on the cause of the camera flash sensation. On Monday morning, I awoke to find the sun glaring right into my eyes by being reflected in the mirror. So I was thinking of the horror stories of staring into the sun, and if my right eye was partially open and just having the sun reflect right into it and me not closing it….. )

I asked him if he saw that abnormality last time he looked at my retina, but he said that he didn’t notice it then. He also said he wasn’t looking for it then, so it could have been there. But I’m thinking since this spot has only just appeared on Sunday, it’s a new thing.

So, future appointments:
Need to schedule a cat scan
Need to schedule a retinal consultation
Neurologist follow-up on Sept 5th
Need to schedule a follow-up with the Neuro-opthalmologist after the catscan and retinal consultation.

Needless to say, this really sucks!