So, it’s a known fact that the Sawyers have messy cars. Many-a-stories have been told about the messiness of our vehicles. Well, I have one to add to the list.

This week, I was borrowing my mom’s car (which she shares with my brother) while mine was getting its A/C fixed. Today was Greg Zumbrook’s wedding, so about an hour before the wedding, my mom calls to coordinate getting her car back today by having me & Clint take two cars to the wedding so Jay can drive Mom’s car back. No problem!

Well, needless to say, Clint & I were running late. While Clint’s following me, we are almost there, and we are sitting at a red light. Clint pulls up next to me and we roll down our windows for him to say “Why didn’t you inform me that I forgot my tie!?” I look in the backseat of my mom’s messy car, and comment “Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a tie back there”.

We get to the wedding, and Jay had just arrived with his ride. Clint gets out and asks them if anyone has an extra tie. Jay goes straight to the trunk of Mom’s car and starts rummaging around. So I go to the backseat and start rummaging around. Lo and behold, I see the tip of a tie peeking out from the depths of the mess! I pull it out, and it’s like the dirtiest CLIP-ON tie I’ve ever seen. Clint puts it on, and you can totally see the metal of the clip peeking out at his neck. Hilarious.

Clint cleaned it up a bit, and with his jacket closed, you couldn’t even see the dirt.

But I was laughing so hard because I was reminded of the typical Sawyerness of the whole thing. First the messy car where you can find anything you need including a tie. It also reminded me of the time when Sean told me a story about when Jay borrowed a suit from Dad. Sean made it a point to tell me how dirty and wrinkled the suit was…