Misfit got all puffed up again.  It's been awhile.  He keeps going in and out on these nice days.  So Clint & I were in the kitchen, and Misfit came out of the utility room and went into the rec room.  I called after him, and started to follow him, "If you think you're going out again, you got another think coming!".. By the time I finished my sentence, I had caught up with him, and he was normal for a second, and then boom, his tail was puffed up.  I couldn't stop laughing.   At least this time, I know what he was scared of "Oh my God! She's chasing me and talking in a loud voice!"

Oh actually, earlier when I was bringing in my groceries, I had the cat litter on the ground.  Clint came stomping home and went inside, so I think Misfit was a little skittish about Clint's mood, and then here was this cat litter on the ground.  It seemed to me his fear of Clint was totally misdirected at that bag of cat litter.He was all crouched down and acting all afraid and looking at the cat litter.  I was just like "What's the matter?  'Don't let the cat litter get me!'"