So, on Friday, May 13th, 2005, I invested in the lasik surgery. It was performed by Dr. Perraut of Whitten Perraut Laser Eye. It was the same doctor/practice who did Becky’s surgery and Christian’s surgery. After a few months, I was noticing this kind of “offset feeling” with my right eye. I totally expected my right eye to be the one that would have problems if there was going to be any problems. My right eye has always been worse than my left eye (my theory is because I’m left-handed so my right-brain is stronger than my left-brain–I always seem to have issues on my right side – worse eyesight, tmj in my jaw, clogged up ear canal, etc etc).

Anyway, when I was at one of my follow-up eye exams back in November, I mentioned the off-set feeling I was having. The lady told me I have an astigmatism in the right eye, and those take longer to stabilize. Then she looked at me, and said “Hey, that eye is wider than the other eye… that’s strange”.. So needless to say, I went home and looked in the mirror, and HEY! my right eye *is* wider than the left eye. So, then I asked Clint “Do you notice how this eye is wider?” “hey, yeah, now that you mention it, it is wider”… then I see my family for Christmas “See how my eye is wider?” “Wow, you’re right, it is wider”.. People just don’t seem to notice it until the second I point it out, and then it’s painfully obvious….

So in January, I went to a different eye doctor to check it out. I decided to go directly to the lasik people, but during this time, they had closed the office I originally had my surgery done, so I went to the Tyson’s office. The doctor who saw me there told me my eyes are fine, and the “wide eye” is because “Nobody is perfectly symmetrical”… So I was slightly miffed..

Jason took a picture of me in January…. Which really showed the wideness of my eye. After I saw that picture, I went through others and gathered a good sample that showed “wide-eye” versus “not-wide-eye”. In March, I made an appointment to see the optometrist office that had who had originally pointed it out to me. I showed her the pictures so she could see that yes, there is a problem, and it wasn’t there before. So she did an eye exam, and other tests to make sure I didn’t have a lazy eye. She was stumped, so she decided to refer me to a neurologist to take a look. She set up an appointment for me for the end of April.

The neurologist was also stumped. She decided the course of action will be for me to have an MRI to determine if it’s caused by a virus attacking my nerve (she mentioned Bells Palsy), or some other nerve thing. If that didn’t show anything, then the next step will be an EMG to find out if it is caused by a problem with the muscles. If that doesn’t show anything, then the next step would be to go to an ophthalmologist for a more specialized opinion….

I had the MRI last Monday, 5/8, and I was just informed yesterday that it was normal. My EMG is scheduled for 5/15 at 10:30am. I was hoping the MRI would show something, because then at least we’d know and I won’t have to keep going for all these tests and what not….. Welp, we’ll see how the EMG goes.