The first time we went to see Voltaire was ages ago. It was so long ago, that I don't remember when or where it was. But apparantly, I was not wearing black (Clint keeps saying I was in a white shirt, but I think it was gray). Anyway, it was awesome, and I was dancing and jumping around and I was the ONLY ONE… I would look around, and everyone was standing still. I remember bumping into the guy next to me, and saying something about dancing, and he said "Leave me alone, I'm tired". Usually, I'd be embarrassed, but Voltaire's so awesome, I didn't care at all.

The *next* time I saw Voltaire was in 2003. Shannon & Christian invited Clint & I to go to Nation's open bar Thursday night for Alchemy. At the last minute, Clint claimed he was tired and didn't want to go. So I decided to go without him. We got there, had a few drinks, and were hanging around. We decided to check out the band area, and I heard a Voltaire song. I was like "Oh my God! That's Voltaire PLAYING!!!!" Shannon & Christian didn't want to watch, but they knew where I was. Since I'm just one small person, I was able to fight my way all the way to the very front. After awhile of dancing and jumping around, I turned around to check out the crowd behind me. It was SUCH a different scene from the first concert. People were dancing and jumping and doing the same stuff as me. And then I was amazed when what looked like a conga line went by… it was weird.

After the show, I found Shannon & Christian and excitedly chattered around about how awesome it was that I came out, and how terrible it was that Clint missed it….. Shannon said "You should get him to sign your boob"… OK!! So I went up to Voltaire and explained how my husband didn't come out, and so to make him jealous, I wanted Voltaire to sign my boob. And he did! I went home at 2am and took a picture of it. Then I woke Clint up to show him. He was so jealous.

Anyway, on Thursday, May 4, we saw our third Voltaire concert (well, Clint's second). After the show, we were checking out the stuff, and we finally decide to get the new album and have Voltaire sign it. I told Voltaire about how the last time I saw him play, he had signed my boob to make Clint jealous. He shrugged because he didn't remember. So he signed our new CD, and then he asked Clint, "Should I sign your boob this time?". Clint didn't have a choice because I practically shoved him into the sharpie in Voltaire's hand. (really, my arm was already around him, and when I heard Voltaire ask that, I just gave him a little nudge πŸ™‚ )

Here's the result: