For over a year now, my pda touchscreen has been acting up.  Every so often, I'd get sick of it and search the web for a solution.  The one solution I found was to take a business card and slide it under the edges of the screen.  That would work for a while, but then eventually, the screen would start acting up again.  The symptoms were it would either not respond at all, or if I touch the top right corner, it would act like I'm pushing on the bottom right corner (and open up the keyboard layout).  It was especially bad if the pda was docked.  

I finally got sick of it again and went on a  websearch for a solution… And I found one at this website:

After talking to Clint to find out if I *really* wanted to attempt to take my pda apart (meaning, if I find myself in over my head, Clint would help bail me out)… and making sure I didn't still have a warrantee with Dell (it was confusing, but alas, the warrantee was over).. and deciding that "OK, if I break it attempting to fix it, then I will invest in a new pda.  I am that sick of this touchscreen not working"…. I attempted to take it apart and follow the steps suggested… 

Guess what! It appears to be working!!  Success!  Whoo-Hoo!  I'm so proud.

So, I'll know for sure if I don't have that problem again for a couple of weeks/months..  Right now, it seems to work, so I'm happy.

I did need to recruit Clint's help moving the speaker out of the way, and showing me what the heck the mylar film was.  Apparently, both descriptions weren't enough for me… Once Clint pointed it out, it was so obvious I didn't know how I missed it.