The Agent Orange concert was pretty good. Too bad we were just sitting around the club for 3 hours before they went on. That was annoying. We had called beforehand, and were told Agent Orange was going on at 10:30 or 11. So we got there around 9:30, leaving extra time to get settled and what not. They didn’t go on until 12:30.

At around 10, one band finished and another band started setting up. So I put my ear plugs in and everything. Since they were still setting up, I decided to get another drink. When I was standing in line at the bar, the guy in front of me turned around and asked me who I was there to see. I said “Agent Orange”.. and he said “This band goes on before them.” and handed me a card. So I went back in and caught up with Clint. I told him that the band playing was not Agent Orange. He said “I don’t even know if this is them”.. I keep telling him ear plugs rule because you can actually hear when people are talking to you. So I got him to go back to the quiet side of the club. I told him what the guy at the bar said, and I figured the band that went on was the band on the card. Nope! The next band who went on was the band from the card.

Clint & I were practically falling asleep by the time Agent Orange finally started setting up. We bummed a cigarette from the guy next to us who then started talking about 60’s garage bands (it reminded me of Mark somewhat). FINALLY, Agent Orange came on. I was amazed at how much energy I had once they went on. Don’t know if it was due to the cigarette, the excitement that the band was actually happening, the moving around to get to the floor, or a combination, but I was energized.

There was an annoying loser who was dancing and running around. It was way annoying, but then it got worse. His idea of dancing was to do jumping jacks. Ugh… What a loser! I got a kick out of when a Jaxx employee got on his case for doing the jumping jacks. The guy was trying to shake the Jaxx employee’s hand… Later on, the bassist said towards the other side of the audience “He wants to shake your hand, so shake his hand and stop being a baby!” I couldn’t see what he was referring to, but in my mind, it was that annoying guy got on someone’s nerves and he tried to shake their hand like he did to the Jaxx employee… hahah

During the last song, these two jaxx employees were trying to pry these two moshers apart… i was kinda watching them when suddenly they twirled around and across the floor into me and i got pushed into the railing of the stage and then knocked down. I was so surprised more than anything. It was like, they were at least 10 feet away, and then suddenly they were like 0″ away. This one guy helped me up, and then another guy asked if I was ok. Then Clint moved in and pulled me more towards the center of the audience. Who would have thought that the fringe was unsafe… After the song was over, Clint & I got to shake the lead singers (very sweaty) hand. then Clint said “Oh, we just dissed the bassist”.. So I quickly put out my hand, but the bassist dissed me because he was giving the setlist to some highschooler next to me.

As I was regrouping, I brushed my hand against myself, and yelled “Ouch!” because someone’s safety pin had gotten caught in my dress and it stuck me. Pretty funny!

Then we went to buy a T-shirt. Clint wasn’t inspired, but I got one for myself. We also got 2 stickers, and they threw the third one in for free. Whoo-hoo

Here is the setlist as compiled by Clint (with a little of my help) last night after we got home:

Miserlou (i think)
Everthing Turns Grey
Too Young To Die
No Such Thing
A Cry For Help In A World Gone Mad
It’s All A Blur
Voices In The Night
I Kill Spies
Secret Agent Man
Police Truck (by Dead Kennedys)
El Dorado
Living In Darkness
Bloodstains (Original Version)
The Last Goodbye