We had an issue with our sink yesterday morning. On Friday evening, I walked by the sink and thought, “Hmm, the garbage disposal stinks. Must be something down there.” So I ran the disposal and all seemed fine.

Then yesterday morning while we were getting ready to go camping, I walked by the sink and was like “Oh man! Misfit!!! He took a dump, and it STINKS!” I went into the utility room and cleaned out the one poop that was in the litter box. Then I walked back into the kitchen next to the sink and it still smelled really bad over there! So that’s when I realized something was going on. I opened the cabinet under the sink……..

When I recovered from the gag fit, we found out what happened. I had a wok that I haven’t used in years under there. It just happened to be strategically placed that the water from our leaky sink was just dripping right into the wok. I guess it’s a blessing in disguise, because it could have been a lot worse if the water was dripping directly onto the cabinet floor and causing all kinds of rot…. ugh.

We spent a good part of the morning cleaning out the cabinet and repairing the leak with caulk. Clint almost died because of the toxic fumes. It was hard work for Clint because he had to squeeze under the cabinet and get way back in there to get the caulk all the way around. But we succeeded and our sink seems fine now. The bucket that we put under there to replace the wok is currently dry and empty. whoo-hoo!