Misfit caught another mouse last night. This one was in the house. Clint & I were watching TV, and Misfit came in batting a toy around. Then suddenly, Misfit was still, but the toy kept moving. For some reason, I started screaming because I realized it was a mouse. I didn't realize I had a mouse phobia, but the thought of that mouse running right towards me was as if a mouse-sized spider was coming at me full speed. So then I was like thinking to myself, "OK, my screaming is going to freak Misfit out and he's going to drop the mouse and then run away and the mouse is going to get away." Well, that just made me scream louder.

Then I saw Misfit run away, and I thought my fear was happening, so I got up and hightailed it across the room in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, Clint had no idea what was going on or what I was screaming about and so I finally get the word "mouse" out.. As it turned out, Misfit still had the mouse in his mouth. So Clint & I followed him into the kitchen and watched him play with the mouse. However, the mouse ended up escaping behind the refrigerator. I made Clint help me pull the refrigerator out some so Misfit could fit back there, but the mouse was long gone.

Later, when I walked into the kitchen, Misfit was just sitting there staring at the stove. Guess the mouse went under there. Even today, he was obsessed with sitting in front of the stove.

Last night, I set the mouse traps up with some cheese. Misfit kept trying to eat the cheese, so I tried to explain that if Misfit doesn't eat the cheese, the mouse will come out and eat it, but of course he doesn't understand because he's a cat 🙂

Today, I thought the mouse had snagged the cheese without getting trapped, because the cheese was gone. So I put some more cheese on this evening.. I turned around to do something else, and when I looked back, Misfit was messing around with the mouse trap. Hopefully, my yell taught him not to do that again, because I can't be there all the time to yell at him and I'd hate for him to learn the hard way of getting caught himself…