He's been outside for hours and he's currently batting around a dead mouse/small rodent thing. It has started to rain and he doesn't even care.

His pet ID tag came today. I had a brochure that came from the vet for a reflective tag. So one side has a reflective sticker on it, and the other side has the engraving of his name, etc. They couldn't fit the entire street address on it, but i told them to leave off "Rd" instead of going to the bigger sized tag…. i made the right choice.

9 times out of 10, people in NoVa will know it's Road (it's a very popular street), and if he's far enough away that they don't know it, then they need to be using the phone number anyway. 🙂

The reflective sticker works pretty well.. You can really see it when he jerks his head around.