Vicky's comment on Clint's blog about the recovery room reminded me of my experience getting my appendix taken out.

After waiting for hours in the waiting room (and puking into a trashcan), they finally took me in and started interviewing me to determine what kind of pain I was having. Then they put me into another room. That's when they told me they were "concerned about my appendix." So they wanted to do a test or something where I drank some dye or something.. I can't remember, but they did want me to drink something. The problem was I was vomiting, so they had to give me an anti-nausea medicine first.

Well, needless to say, the anti-nausea medicine didn't work, and I continued to puke. If I'm remembering correctly, they finally gave up, and were like "We're pretty sure it's the appendix. Let's take it out". (A couple of years later, there's a commercial that reminded me of it: Surgeon #1 "That looks like a healthy spleen to me." Surgeon #2 "I could have sworn it was the spleen.")

BTW, this is even more hours later. Clint was dog-tired and miserable. They wheeled me out on a stretcher in the hallway. There was a stretcher next to it, so Clint laid on that for a while and slept.

I vaguely remember them wheeling me into the operating room and drugging me up. Then I vaguely remember them putting these socks on my feet. They told me it was to help with circulation…. Their drugs and the tiredness were really taking over by this time…

The next thing I know, I'm waking up in complete darkness and I hear a faint yelling, "I'M IN PAIN!!!!!"… It was me yelling. Then a nurse comes by "oh, you're awake"… A few seconds later, I was completely awake and realized that while I was in pain, it wasn't as bad as I thought, and certainly didn't require that amount of yelling. Worse than the pain was throughout the time in the recovery room, I had to pee like 10 times. I have no idea what was wrong with me, and the nurse even commented on it… She kept saying "Again!?" It was crazy… soooo much pee. And of course, it had to be in the bedpan… sooo embarrassing… but there was no way I could have held it.

Then they finally decide I've recovered enough… As they're wheeling me to what was going to be my room, I had to urinate again. No bedpan this time. I had to hold it. I think I may have told them to hurry up. So they're wheeling me around on this stretcher and I'm holding it in. Then I looked down the hall and I see my dad wandering the halls. Clint later admitted he was miffed that I saw my dad first before him. 🙂

Anyway, they finally get me to the room, and they're trying to help me in the bed. At some point, I got attached to an IV.. But i didn't even get into the bed, I went straight for the bathroom to finally let it out… by the time i was done, the rest of my family was there. They didn't stay long… They could see I wasn't dying anymore so there wasn't much point in staying.

Then later, Clint brought me a box of comics, but I ended up not reading any of them. I just spent the entire 2 days watching tv. And I got so spoiled by having three meals a day brought to me..

After the hospital, I spent the next 5 days on the white couch in our rec room. I watched a lot of TV that week. By Saturday, Kipp & Sarah suggested we go mini golfing, and nothing was going to get in my way… I was soooooo tired of being cooped up inside. I was still sore, so I wore a skirt… and my legs were so unshaven that I wore a looong skirt. I wasn't trying very hard to golf, I was just there to get out of the house. And guess what…. I WON! I've never won mini golfing EVER!

And I don't think they let me win either. It was awesome!