Since I've gotten Misfit, sometimes (seemingly randomly) his tail will puff up like cats' tails do when they are scared. We can never find a reason why Misfit puffs up when he does..

Anyway, one time, soon after I got him, I picked him and a toy that he was playing with up. Then I threw the toy, and put Misfit down. I think my plan was he would go and fetch the toy. Well, the toy went around the corner from the kitchen into the rec room, and Misfit followed.

When I came around the corner, however, I found Misfit cowering under Clint's chair. Not only was his tail puffed up, his whole back and head were puffed up as well. He was also arching his back. It was totally "Halloween Cat."

I was mortified. I was like, "Misfit! Are you scared of me?" I pet him and tried to calm him down but he stayed puffed up. He finally relaxed when I gave him a "yum yum" (cat treat).

Another time he was puffed up, I pointed it out to Clint. Clint said Misfit's tail looked was so big that it looked like a raccoon tail. We tried to take pictures of it, but Misfit was somewhat calmed down by the time we got our act together.


Puffed Up