We saw Sisters Of Mercy at the 9:30 Club last night.  It was awesome.

Andrew Eldritch is going for the bald look now.  Great improvement over last time when he had the blonde “Clint’s dad” (coined by Clint) “Beach Boy” (coined by Dan) look.

It started out with First & Last & Always, and then moved into Ribbons.  He played some new song Crash & Burn.  While he was playing it, I thought to myself, “A good song to play next would be On The Wire”.. and Guess what!  He played On The Wire next!!  I never would have expected him to play that song.  It was awesome.  It was like he read my mind… or I read his….

He did play a lot of new songs that just remind me of every Sisters Of Mercy song wrapped together.

Oh yeah, when they first started, it was like the Voltaire concert all over again.  I wanted to let loose and dance, and the whole room was just standing there!  As time went on, some of the audience members started to sway, but I was the one who was dancing it up.

At one point, this short little girl was muscling her way through followed by an even shorter guy.  I thought they were just passing through, but when I moved over (to give them room to pass), suddenly that’s where they decided to stop.  Right where I had been standing.  I did my best to annoy them to make them leave, but ultimately they left because the girl got a text message on her phone telling her that her friends were by the bar on the other side.  So at least they left 🙂

Anyway, some other songs I remember are Dr. Jeep, Dominion, Lucretia, My Reflection, Vison Thing, Something Fast… I’ll probably remember more at random times. 🙂

So all in all, it was a good concert.

And by the way, I wore the ear plugs, and once again they enhanced the experience rather than hindering it.  It was my first non-Ween concert that I wore ear plugs to.