On another note, Misfit was neutered today.  When I was taking him to the car to bring him home, he started thrashing about in the carrier.  I was concerned so I let him out in the car and sat there with him for awhile.  I thought he was just freaking out and being free would calm him down and he would sit there and sleep.  But no, he kept walking everywhere.  He walked into the back seat, he walked on the floor, he walked back into the front seat, he paced back and forth, he ended up on the driver’s side floor at one point.  It was like he was trying to walk away from the pain, but it kept following him…  I felt so bad.

But I couldn’t have him walking all over the car while I was driving, so I put him back in the carrier so I can go home.

Another thing I noticed on the way home, he didn’t meow once.  It was very unlike him.  He’s starting to get back to his old self again, now.  Thank goodness.  He even climbed the “wall of couch” so I figure he must be feeling a bit better.

The vet did say he was going to be woozy, and he did seem to be woozy.  Clint could tell by the way he walked and ate.

Speaking of eating, he was fasting for 24 hours.  He couldn’t have any food or water after 6pm yesterday, and the vet didn’t feed him at all today.  By the time I got home, it was after 6.  Poor kitty must have been starving!  The vet said small portions because of the wooziness, and also to confine him to one room.  I don’t really have one room that I want him confined in (I don’t need kitty vomit on my bed) so I closed all the doors to the rooms I don’t want him in 🙂