So far, being 30 isn’t so bad.  I’ve done lots of fun stuff this past week.

Of course, I had my party last Saturday to celebrate the last weekend of my twenties, which didn’t officially end until like 8:30 Sunday evening (Christian, Becky & Sammy spent the day with us.  Mark & Nathan were there for awhile in the morning also).  (Highlight of Sunday day was Christian saying “Crap, I woke up hung over and now I’m drunk.”  I asked, “What was that noise?” to which the reply was, “I just dropped my beer.”  That was hilarious!)
Thursday, Sammy & Christian escorted Clint & I to Nation where we proceeded to get Clint so drunk that we were eventually kicked out. 🙂
Going to Nation was really fun.  At first, I was a little bit bored.  You couldn’t hear what anyone was saying so there were times where we were just in a circle holding our drinks and not saying anything.  But once we had a couple of drinks, I started to loosen up and it got more fun.  Going to the front room where the music wasn’t SO loud helped.

Anyway, I think I ended up with 4 vodka cranberries, and one beer.  My second beer was filled to the brim when the Nations guy told me I had to take Clint home.  I asked him where Clint was, and he told me “That’s up to you”.  So I sent Christian & Sammy to the men’s room (most likely place, and it turned out that’s where he was) while Evan and I scanned the dance floors (least likely place 🙂 )

Clint’s recap is here:

2 days later, he was still feeling the effects of it…

Friday we went to the Moistboyz concert in Baltimore.  It was a great show, but it was soooo short!  Barely worth driving all the way out to Baltimore, getting there way early because apparently Moistboyz had showed up late and so they weren’t going to go on until like 11.  They ended up going on at about 10:45.  Clint had decided to go get a bite to eat while we were waiting.  He was gone for a little while when suddenly the band was on the stage kinda warming up.  I started to get worried Clint wasn’t going to make it.  As they played the first note of the first song, Clint walked into the bar.  He cut it close 🙂
Clint’s recap is here:

Saturday, Nicole, Greg & Adina came over and hung out.  We almost made it to Chuck-E-Cheese’s, but it was 10:00 by the time everyone left, and Chuck-E-Cheeses closed at 11.  So instead, Clint & I finally watched MirrorMask (great movie).
And now it’s Sunday and we’re actually supposed to get things done..  Mark is going to come over later to hang out and watch the shows tonight.  So, the crazy week is almost over.  I’m looking forward to more in the future.